BC Expands Tax Credits

Announced yesterday BC Film will be extending its Film Incentive Tax Credit to all Canadian controlled corporations as opposed to just BC controlled companies.   The proposed changes will be in effect for productions starting principal photography after December 31, 2008.

Canadian corporations will soon be able to access tax credits ranging from 35% to 68.5% (with additional credits for Training) of qualified BC labour expenditures.  Currently through the Production Service Tax Credit non-BC companies can access tax credits ranging form 25% to 52% of qualified BC labour.

Good news for the BC Film and Television industry.

Stu is a co-owner at Animation Brewery Productions, and Head of Business Development. He has a Fine Arts background from the Emily Carr College of Art & Design (now a University) and has worked in the TV Animation Industry for over 20 years. He's loves cartoons, is big on sustainability, and becoming a better vegan cook day by day.

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