Kids of Kayele – Game User Testing/Piloting in the Schools

It was a rare privilege to be allowed in the high school classrooms to user-test The Kids of Kayele directly with the youth. Thanks go out to all the teachers and principals in Richmond and Coquitlam that facilitated us.

Piloting was truly a rich experience and was FULL of surprises. Natasha Sarkar from CAWST made the trip from Calgary, joined up with Glen and Stu to complete the piloting team. In the classroom, after a 30 second introduction we set students loose on the game and simply observed. It was difficult to keep quiet when someone got stuck – but as user-testing goes, its better to leave people to discover their own solutions. The technology in the schools are often less than optimal – but the teachers and students impressed us by adapting and improvising along the way.  We couldn’t have guessed that the students would pair up and share one computer when the other was not working right.

After the testing we engaged students in a dialogue about the resource and the content. They completed an online survey and with that we had plenty of rich feedback to absorb.

Stu is a co-owner at Animation Brewery Productions, and Head of Business Development. He has a Fine Arts background from the Emily Carr College of Art & Design (now a University) and has worked in the TV Animation Industry for over 20 years. He's loves cartoons, is big on sustainability, and becoming a better vegan cook day by day.

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