No More Saturday Morning Cartoons For Fox

Fox will no longer be showing Saturday morning cartoons in the New Year.  Instead they will be airing a 2-hour block of infomercials according to Variety.

In response to the early demise of the 4Kids Entertainment programming deal, Fox will launch “Weekend Marketplace” from 10 AM to noon on Saturdays starting in January 2009.

4Kids Entertainment plans to move its more popular shows from Fox to the CW.

I guess kids can now learn how to get rich through Real Estate investing or how a great knife can cut a can and a tomato.

Stu is a co-owner at Animation Brewery Productions, and Head of Business Development. He has a Fine Arts background from the Emily Carr College of Art & Design (now a University) and has worked in the TV Animation Industry for over 20 years. He's loves cartoons, is big on sustainability, and becoming a better vegan cook day by day.

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