First Post

I am pleased to launch the Animation Brewery Blog today.  The purpose is to have a regular spot to share relevant animation biz related thoughts, ideas and reference.  There are certainly some excellent animation blogs out there which we will happily be referencing here like Cartoon Brew (of course!).  I expect for the short term we will be providing a lot of good practical links and article snippets from our own research.  Eventually, I’d like to see a fair amount of opinion writing on topics that have meaning for our clients and peers, and we’ll be sharing good reference materials that we dig up for anyone creating animation artwork.

Stu Wenschlag

Stu is a co-owner at Animation Brewery Productions, and Head of Business Development. He has a Fine Arts background from the Emily Carr College of Art & Design (now a University) and has worked in the TV Animation Industry for over 20 years. He's loves cartoons, is big on sustainability, and becoming a better vegan cook day by day.

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